How Previous is Marvel's THOR (in Human Years) | Display Rant

How Old is Marvel's THOR (in Human Years) | Screen Rant

It is easy to overlook that Marvel’s Thor has been round longer than virtually each different character in comics. Whereas he would possibly seem as somebody who simply stepped out of a fantasy novel, Thor is a literal god – and virtually immortal. Which begs the query – simply how outdated is he?

Sadly, there isn’t any simple reply to the query. The precise age of any decades-old comedian guide character is up for debate, as will be seen with DC’s rumored 5G reboot. Fortunately, Thor is exclusive in that he is a juxtaposition of not solely comedian books but additionally historical past and folklore, which provides a barely extra particular reply to simply how outdated the God of Thunder is.

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In Jason Aaron’s Avengers run, it’s revealed that Thor’s father Odin participated in a workforce of prehistoric Avengers, consisting of the likes of the Phoenix together with Stone Age variations of Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Dr. Unusual, and others. Odin and Phoenix had been romantically concerned and Thor is not talked about, it is possible (however not conclusive) that he wasn’t born but, in 1,000,000 BC. Jason Aaron’s run on Thor does have some clues to his age, nevertheless, as a younger model of the character is seen within the ninth Century combating alongside the Vikings. Since Thor is an grownup, nevertheless, it isn’t recognized how the Aesir gods age and the way outdated he’s right now. Thus, from the comics alone, Thor seems to be between one thousand and a million years outdated . . . which does not slender it down a lot.

Traditionally, the Viking Age lasted from 793 till 1066, which is definitely consistent with Thor’s look in Jason Aaron’s run. Nonetheless, the primary recorded look of Thor in mythology dates again to the seventh century, with attainable allusions to the character relationship all the way in which again to the times of the Roman Empire. Certainly, Thursday itself is called after Thor, with Wednesday named after Woden, a variation of Thor’s father, Odin. Since this mythology is the idea for Thor’s adventures, it stands to purpose that Thor might presumably be as a lot as eighteen hundred years outdated.

In the end, the MCU splits the distinction. In Avengers: Infinity Battle, Thor states that he’s fifteen hundred years outdated, which appears particularly consistent with Jason Aaron’s run on the character. This offers him time to develop to grownup maintain earlier than combating alongside the Vikings within the ninth Century. Nonetheless, the inconclusiveness of the historic information does add some nuance to Thor’s historical past. Was he round throughout the fall of Rome? What different adventures did Thor have all through human historical past?

It’s also fairly attainable none of this issues since age is a human idea that would not curiosity Thor, particularly within the childhood centuries earlier than he joined the Avengers. Thus, Thor’s age, someplace between fifteen hundred and eighteen tons of years outdated, is extremely fudgeable given the Asgardian idea of time, or lack thereof. In spite of everything, it took Odin the whole lot of Earth’s pre-history to change into to the gray-bearded patriarch of the Asgardians, simply as Thor will proceed on for simply as lengthy in line with Jason Aaron’s run on the character. Whereas Thor’s origins are greater than a thousand years within the making, Marvel hasn’t scratched the floor of this iconic character’s historical past.

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