Star Wars 9 Principle: Rey's Secret Pressure Energy Is Key To Palpatine's Defeat

Star Wars 9 Theory: Rey's Secret Force Power Is Key To Palpatine's Defeat

Rey’s secret Pressure energy – psychometry – could possibly be the important thing to defeating Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Rey is undoubtedly one of the vital highly effective Pressure customers who’s been proven on the massive display thus far; even untrained, she was in a position to match Kylo Ren in a lightsaber duel in Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens. By the point of The Rise of Skywalker, her talents have been enhanced courtesy of a Pressure bond with Kylo Ren himself, and she or he appears to have spent the final 12 months coaching underneath numerous Jedi Grasp Pressure Ghosts.

And but, for all Rey could also be a powerhouse, her most fascinating expertise of the Pressure thus far was nonetheless in Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens. The Jedi-to-be reached out and touched the hilt of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, and she or he skilled what Lucasfilm has known as a “Forceback”. The Pressure granted Rey visions of the previous and the longer term, key moments in galactic historical past, and she or he truly appeared to expertise the emotion of all of them as effectively. It left poor Rey shocked and confused, and she or he briefly tried to run away from this mysterious name to journey.

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At first look, the Forceback sequence seems to be a manifestation of the desire of the Pressure, triggered for an unknown cause and admittedly to little sensible impact. However the Star Wars franchise has lately dropped intriguing hints that the Forceback may have been a uncommon however innate Pressure-ability possessed by Rey – and it may probably be the important thing to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars is greater than only a movie franchise; in reality, it is grown into one thing of a transmedia franchise, spanning all the things from bestselling novels to console video games, from live-action TV exhibits to a well-liked vary of comics. What’s extra, Lucasfilm like to make sure all these mediums tie intently collectively. That makes it notably fascinating to notice that each the Jedi: Fallen Order sport and Kevin Shinick’s young-adult novel Pressure Collector function a energy similar to Rey’s imaginative and prescient, a capability known as “psychometry.” That is an innate energy possessed by only a few Pressure customers, generally known as “sense echo,” and it permits a Pressure consumer to expertise the previous of an object every time they contact it. Preliminary experiences are exhausting, generally inflicting seizures and collapses. It is solely potential to grasp psychometry by submitting your self to the visions, immersing your self within the expertise.

It is true that Rey’s Forceback seems barely totally different, nevertheless it appears to be associated. The circumstances are strikingly related – the expertise manifests spontaneously on contact, and it has an identical affect on Rey to a psychometric imaginative and prescient. In narrative phrases, it makes extra sense for this to be a primary manifestation of an innate Pressure energy reasonably than some inexplicable and admittedly ineffectual demonstration of the Pressure’s will. And it is not exhausting to elucidate why Rey’s energy can be amplified by the lightsaber; as a result of she’s touching an object that’s wealthy within the Pressure, actually containing a Kyber Crystal, and that was beforehand bonded to the Chosen One himself.

Psychometry could also be uncommon, however the Jedi of outdated truly believed it was fairly a harmful energy. Of their view, it risked exposing a Jedi to the darkish aspect, just because a practitioner of psychometry is uncovered to the uncooked feelings of any reminiscence they entry. Think about, for instance, a Jedi who touches a homicide weapon and experiences each the concern of the sufferer and the hatred of the killer. Worse nonetheless, a Jedi is just in a position to grasp psychometry by submitting to the visions, that means they haven’t any management of what particular moments in time they expertise.

If Rey’s energy is certainly psychometry, or one thing associated to it, then which means she’s taking a large threat in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Trailers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have centered extensively on scenes set on the ocean moon of Kef Bir, with the Resistance exploring the wreckage of the Second Loss of life Star for an unknown cause. Rey and Kylo Ren confront each other on a bit of this wreckage, preventing a main lightsaber duel that took six days to movie. The motion then seems to maneuver to the stays of the Emperor’s Throne Room, a spot that might be steeped at midnight aspect of the Pressure, and that might probably include Sith relics.

It is not exhausting to think about a state of affairs the place Rey is pressured to expertise reminiscences of Darth Vader and Palpatine, of Luke Skywalker’s desperation and frustration because the Emperor tried to goad him into succumbing to the darkish aspect in Return of the Jedi. And whereas Rey could effectively have proved in a position to withstand the darkish aspect’s siren name to her to date, will she nonetheless be capable to after she’s uncovered to it in highly effective new methods?

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And but, for all of the attendant dangers, Rey’s Pressure energy may show to be a helpful asset in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It is vital to notice that even the Emperor, who rejoices in being all-seeing and all-knowing, is unlikely to know Rey possesses this capability. As such, Rey has a possible supply of information and knowledge that Palpatine cannot predict. Touching the best object may give Rey highly effective Pressure visions of the previous, serving to her to infer Palpatine’s plans, and even explaining how the Emperor has been resurrected within the first place. It is even potential the Emperor would not reveal himself willingly within the first place, however that his hand is tipped as a result of Rey uncovers his existence courtesy of a imaginative and prescient.

In the meantime, in narrative phrases psychometry – or some type of related energy – is a great tool. A psychometric capability is a means of “displaying, not telling” – of showing how the Emperor has returned and what he is planning with out indulging in prolonged exposition. How has the Emperor survived after being tossed down the Loss of life Star reactor shaft, and what has he been doing all these lengthy a long time since? Fairly than have the traditional villain monologue, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker can use Rey’s uncommon Pressure energy to drip-feed info to viewers, providing refined clues that come collectively to elucidate it away. If that is certainly the method Lucasfilm is taking, then it is a good one.

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